Monday, February 23, 2015

Once Again, an Arnon Milchan Film Wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards

Producer Arnon Milchan, on the left, applauds his cast and crew on stage at the Oscars
Arnon Milchan took to the stage as his film Birdman swept the key categories at the 2015 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. This was the second year in row that Milchan ascended the stage at the grand finale of the Oscars to celebrate with his jubilant cast and crew. As is his practice, Mr. Milchan kept silent and let stars shine.  

Arnon Milchan Ranked the 2nd Wealthiest Mogul in Hollywood

Arnon Milchan is now ranked the 2nd wealthiest movie-mogul in the Hollywood film industry, coming in just behind George Lucas, and well ahead of Seven Spielberg, who holds the #3 spot. Milchan is estimated to be worth $5.2 billion.

RankName       Estimated Net Worth       Famous Films
1George Lucas       5,400Star Wars films
2Arnon Milchan       5,200Pretty Woman, 12 Years A Slave
3Steven Spielberg       3,300ET, Jaws
4Austin Hearst       1,900The Vow
5Ryan Kavanaugh       1,000The Social Network, Little Fockers
6Jeffrey Katzenberg         910The Lion King, Shrek
7Thomas Tull           870The Hangover, 300
8Jerry Bruckheimer         850Top Gun, Pirates of The Caribbean
9Steve Tisch         720Forrest Gump
10James Cameron             670Avatar, Titanic