Monday, November 7, 2011

Well-Known Anti-Zionist Conspiracy Theorist, Christopher Bollyn Reviews Confidential:

Review of Bollyn's review:

Authors response:
In typical fashion, and as is the case with most conspiracy theorists, renowned Israel-hater Christopher Bollyn takes elements of truth and jumps to wild and bizarre conclusions. Making the claim that Arnon Milchan had something to do with 9/11, let alone being responsible for 9/11, is so far over the top, so incredibly outlandish and even childish, as to destroy any credibility that other, more sane elements of his arguments, may have. The life of Arnon Milchan is interesting enough without the need to build ugly, delusional sandcastles in the sky.

In his review, Bollyn breaths fire and throws epithets when listing incidents of Israeli intelligence activity that has occurred in the United States (note "in" not "against" the US), but he simply ignores the just-as-egregious incidents of US spying on Israel that Confidential also lists. A more mature approach would have been for Bollyn to understand that such activity, as regretful as it may be, is not a one-way street, and is usually handled quietly between friends if discovered.

Bollyn also felt the need to point out that the authors of Confidential are "Zionists" (as if that's a bad thing.... ooooh), yet the authors make clear their sympathy for Israel from the outset, a view that, unlike Bollyn's, is shared by the vast majority of Americans. Every description by Bollyn of Milchan's achievements and activities are described as if they are a bad thing, whereas most Americans are likely sympathetic, or at the very least understanding of Milchan's motives. He writes as if he represents true American interests, when in fact, Bollyn represents himself and a small group of Israel-haters, who dwell on the fringes of the US mainstream... on strange anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, every waking moment of their day.

Bollyn is clearly a talented researcher and has an eye for detail, it is his outlandish, undisciplined conclusions, his unrestrained imagination, and his deep-seeded, obsessive antagonism towards Israel, and by extension Jews, that truly blemishes what otherwise could have been a remarkable career as an investigative journalist. Sad.

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