Sunday, April 1, 2012

New York Times and Ha'aretz: Israeli Air Force Major (Ret.) Is Rebuffed by Milchan in His Efforts to Make a Documentary Film About Milchan

By the way, has anyone noticed that Documentarian Elan Frank, and
Arnon Milchan kind of look alike?
Arnon Milchan... not to be
Confused with Elan Frank
The New York Times states that "You don’t want an Israeli Air Force pilot on your tail, especially not the kind who has turned documentary filmmaker. But Elan Frank remains undeterred. “As a pilot in the air force, I’m very mission-oriented,” Mr. Frank said. “I won’t let go of it.” Not surprisingly, Mr. Milchan insists that his life as described in the book is "not worthy of being adapted". We can't imagine why! Mr. Frank is a Major in the Israeli Air Force and the recipient of a "Tzalash" (medal of courage) for his actions in combat on behalf of Israel. Mr. Milchan of course is a former operative for the LAKAM, a top secret Israeli intelligence outfit that has since been disbanded, at least officially. Ha'aretz' Yossie Melman also picked up the story.

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