Sunday, May 27, 2012

Producer Arnon Milchan to Receive Best Producer Honor at Locarno

Congratulations to Producer Arnon Milchan for receiving the well deserved 'Best Producer' title at the Lacarno Film festival this summer... where his masterpieces King of Comedy, Once Upon a Time in America, and Brazil will all be shown. Lacarno's bio of Mr. Milchen, found here, is mildly amusing in what it left out. None the less, a well deserved award.

Update: Arnon Milchen attends the opening of Madonna's world tour concert in Tel Aviv.
Update: Israel's 'The Marker Magazine', mentions the book Confidential as part of its biography of Arnon Milchen. 
Update: New Regency taps Syfy exec to oversee TV productions. 

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