Sunday, December 9, 2012

Terry Gilliam Explains Arnon Milchan's Reaction to Sid Sheinberg's Comment about 'Brazil' as "The Film of The Decade".

In a newly released clip, director Terry Gilliam describes a classic Hollywood moment, which is detailed in Confidential. Following the screening of Brazil to Universal executives at the Afred Hitchcock theater, Gilliam immediately sensed that they hated it. Universal boss, Sid Sheinberg, came out and called it "the movie of the decade". Milchan though he meant it, but Gilliam understood that it was a snide comment and represented the first shot in "the battle of Brazil". A knock down, drag out, war with the studio to get the movie released:

The Battle of Brazil also represented the beginning of bad blood between Arnon Milchan and Sid Sheinberg. At one point, Sheinberg publicly challenged Milchan to "put his money where his mouth is". Milchan replied in public that "anti-Semitisim is anti-Semitisim even if it comes from an assimilated Beverly Hills Jew." As described in Confidential, years later, Milchan ran into Sid Sheinberg on Broad Beach in Malibu. "He was strolling along when he encountered a  friendly dog and began to play with it. Within moments, the dog's owner suddenly appeared and he was not happy, saying 'excuse me, that's my dog.' Milchan turned around and saw Sid Sheinberg. 'Oh, I guess that means we're neighbors now," he said surprised. Sheinberg was neither friendly nor amused. "you're going to reduce the property values around here," he replied. They have never spoken since."

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