Thursday, September 1, 2011

Arnon Milchan Moves to Retake Command of New Regency

Upon the publication of Confidential, which garnered worldwide media attention, Arnon Milchan took a lengthy vacation far from the limelight, and far from the long list of reporters eager to get his reaction to the stunning revelations about him in the book. Upon reemerging for the first time this week, Mr. Milchan executed a shake-up of the senior management at his flagship company, New Regency Productions, tipping off the trade publications who for years, some have argued, maintain a cozy relationship with Mr. Milchan. It might be noted that despite worldwide coverage, from the New York Times to the UK Daily Mail, and despite the fact that the book is sitting in the front section of every bookstore from Hollywood to New York City, the Hollywood trades have yet to take note of Confidential. It looks like Hutch Parker and Bob Harper are out, and Brad Weston from Paramount is in... that's the big news with them. "Milchan wants to run the company himself, more the way he did in the early days, which is a significant change from what Bob and I were brought in to do," said Mr. Parker. 

Arnon Milchan has yet to respond to a single reporter's inquiry about the book Confidential, despite tens of requests from outlets like CNN, Israel's Channel 1, The New York Times, and many other major media outlets worldwide.

UPDATE: Arnon Milchan appoints his daughter Alexandra Milchan to the position of Senior Vice President of Productions of New Regency Films.

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