Thursday, September 1, 2011

Page 65 of 'Confidential': Spielberg's Munich Captures a Number of Methods Described in 'Confidential', Along With Some Mistakes

In Steven Spielberg's Munich, a number of characters and methods of operations are accurately described. A character very similar to Rafi Eitan is played very well by Geoffrey Rush (1:06). Eitan was indeed a legendary Mossad agent, and was later Arnon Milchan's superior and the head of LAKAM (Science Liaison Bureau), a top secret Israeli intelligence organization unknown to the United States until 1985. From scene 1:04-1:13, Spielberg accurately describes the kind of secret accounts portrayed in Confidential. One unrealistic scene in Munich, is when an accountant demands of the secret agent played by Eric Bana, to keep all of his receipts. A ridicules request because no one would ask their agent to keep an incriminating paper-trail. And secret accounts were not exactly from "taxpayer funds" as described by the accountant in the movie. Confidential reveals real methods of funding. Non-the-less, those who found Munich an interesting movie (based on a true story), will love the non-fiction Confidential.

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