Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Arnon Milchan asked directly by Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Peres to avoid any discussion of 'Confidential'

Hollywood mega-producer and former secret agent, Arnon Milchan, has been asked directly by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres to avoid any public discussion of the book Confidential, asserting that the matter is too sensitive at this time. Confidential, which describes in detail Mr. Milchan's crucial covert contributions to Israel's nuclear program, has been picked up and covered by numerous enemy state-run media outlets, including Iran's Press TV and Syria's news services. The matter has also been covered in Al Hayat, Al Arabiya, Al Jazeerah and many other media outlets across the Middle East. With escalating tensions with Iran over its nuclear program, and the recent assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, the book Confidential has not been welcomed by Israel's security establishment, particularly as it relates to timing. The extensive media coverage, especially by enemy media, has resulted in a substantial increase in Mr. Milchan's security arrangement's, including extraordinary additional precautions. Confidential co-author, Joseph Gelman, expressed his disappointment, as well as his concern: "Obviously, we are disappointed that Mr. Milchan is unable to speak publicly on these matters at this time, but we also understand that we live in very sensitive times. It is what it is." It should be noted that not a single revelation published in Confidential has been contradicted or even denied. When asked to respond to details raised in the book, President Peres' only response was "the matter is too sensitive to discuss."

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